Found: One Apocalypse
Iorgi Murrett just struck it rich…now he's really in trouble.


Coming to Kindle on Feburary 1

The Battleship Apocalypse is running on empty…

The ship’s power plant is called the Hayes Reactor. Safe, clean, effective, it can produce enough electricity to meet the needs of an entire planet, and its only waste product is pure, distilled water. It has a 0.00001% chance of failure.

Of course, given the luck of Iorgi Murrett and the crew of the Apocalypse, that’s more or less a guarantee.

Without a power plant, the ship has no defenses, no weapons, and no propulsion. It’s up to Captain Murrett and his crew to find a replacement before the bad guys find out and take the initiative.

But nuclear reactors are expensive, and the Apocalypse is a big boy.

The Starship Apocalypse is running on empty...

The first followup to the lunacy of Found: One Apocalypse is now available as an E-book from! “Power Struggle” sees the struggling Apocalypse crew combining their meager assets to replace their defunct power system – but Murrett’s single-minded obsession might have them spending far more than they’re willing to pay…


Interplanetary rag-and-bone man Iorgi Murrett is fed up. His business is failing. His money is running out. His equipment keeps breaking down. He’s about ready to pack it all in and become a shill for the Company, though he has it on record that he’d rather be on fire.

Then, while trying to dig up some extra cash on his fifteenth random junk planet, he uncovers the hatch to an ancient battleship buried in the sand. Forced to take refuge within its armored walls, and trapped inside as its defense mechanisms come online, Murrett finds himself the proud owner of the five hundred year old Battleship Apocalypse, a “Planet-Buster” class vessel in a severe state of disrepair, yet carrying with it a sophisticated defensive grid topped with a variety of experimental weapons that most of the petty Empires in the Galaxy would sell their heirs to possess.

Now Murrett is on the run across space in a ship held together with duct tape and hope. Joining him are a shrill and demanding princess who fancies herself a freedom-fighter, a mining robot possessed by a vacuous alien, a one-armed smuggler, and an accountant who happened to answer Murrett’s want-ad.

In pursuit? A team of pirates flying ice-cream trucks, led by a delusional Admiral; the armies of the Eliak, who are, one supposes, the rightful owners if you really wanted to be picky about it; the Charter’s mysterious and shadowy Agency; and the Company, who really, really, really want their twenty percent.

The Galaxy doesn’t stand a chance.

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