Launching February 1:

Coming to Kindle on Feburary 1

The Battleship Apocalypse is running on empty…

The ship’s power plant is called the Hayes Reactor. Safe, clean, effective, it can produce enough electricity to meet the needs of an entire planet, and its only waste product is pure, distilled water. It has a 0.00001% chance of failure.

Of course, given the luck of Iorgi Murrett and the crew of the Apocalypse, that’s more or less a guarantee.

Without a power plant, the ship has no defenses, no weapons, and no propulsion. It’s up to Captain Murrett and his crew to find a replacement before the bad guys find out and take the initiative.

But nuclear reactors are expensive, and the Apocalypse is a big boy.

The Starship Apocalypse is running on empty...

The first followup to the lunacy of Found: One Apocalypse is now available as an E-book from! “Power Struggle” sees the struggling Apocalypse crew combining their meager assets to replace their defunct power system – but Murrett’s single-minded obsession might have them spending far more than they’re willing to pay…

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