Found: One Apocalypse
Iorgi Murrett just struck it rich…now he's really in trouble.

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Launching February 1:


Coming to Kindle on Feburary 1 The Battleship Apocalypse is running on empty… The ship’s power plant is called the Hayes Reactor. Safe, clean, effective, it can produce enough electricity to meet the needs of an entire planet, and its only waste product is pure, distilled water. It has a 0.00001% chance of failure. Of […]

Pick Up Your Apocalypse Today!


Interplanetary rag-and-bone man Iorgi Murrett is fed up. His business is failing. His money is running out. His equipment keeps breaking down. He’s about ready to pack it all in and become a shill for the Company, though he has it on record that he’d rather be on fire. Then, while trying to dig up […]