Found: One Apocalypse
Iorgi Murrett just struck it rich…now he's really in trouble.


No, really, a little paint and it'll be perfectly spaceworthy...

The Apocalypse is a battle cruiser, 4,868 meters long, with a three-meter thick hull of electro-titanium alloy. Its most prominent feature is a cannon 1600 meters long, capable of a discharge of 5×10^26 watts over a beam 200 meters wide. It also features an advanced shielding array and a battery of network cannons, plus a defensive grid that operates independently of its primary computer control.

The thickness of the hull and the long-term storage capacity of its battery system enabled it to survive five hundred years buried under the surface of a remote planet. The durability of its reactor, a Hayes Reactor, so named because it metabolized Hayes radiation for electrical production, was a factor in the ship’s recovery.

The ship was designed and built by a human empire called the Crool to wield against a brother empire called the Eliak. Forty-seven seconds after launch, the ship’s computer system went haywire, catapulting it briefly out of the Universe and re-materializing it near an orbital junk world, where it crash-landed and was buried in the sand. At the time, the Crool lacked the long-range sensors necessary to find the ship, and both it and the war were lost. The Crool were absorbed into the Eliak population.

The ship was designed not just as a flagship, but as an entire fleet in one package. In its hold are battleships, ground fortresses, complements of atmospheric and non-atmospheric battleplanes, tanks, groundrunners, weapons, armor, shielding, and thousands of soldiers, locked in stasis, all destroyed when the power systems failed. Yet despite its enormous size and the complexity of its systems, the Apocalypse can be crewed by fewer than 40 people, and, in an emergency, two or three people could handle minimum systems.

The ship is heavily compartmentalized, able to seal itself off in ten-percent segments, and to further seal off those segments into smaller areas, to facilitate recovery in the event of an emergency. The Engineering section, the part with the reactor, engines, and the Engineering Bridge, a secondary bridge capable of controlling most ship’s flight and navigation functions in the event of main bridge failure, is the most important and therefore the most heavily defended. These defenses helped the ship survive underground for centuries.

Murrett’s stated goal for the Apocalypse is “to turn a sword into a plowshare,” to transform a weapon of war into something useful. Having seen the worst that war can do, Murrett has decided that the best way to make a weapon useless is to render it unnecessary. Or maybe he’s just defending his decision to keep his big toy and play with it.

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